Marie-Klaire Farrugia
Marie-Klaire Farrugia

Miss Farrugia was elected scientific program chair of the Society for Fetal Urology meeting in Dallas, Texas in September 2016. She chaired a panel discussion on the selection criteria and in-utero treatment of fetal bladder outlet obstruction. Eminent guest speakers included Professor Rodrigo Ruano, fetal interventionalist at the Mayo Clinic, Professor Michael Braun, paediatric nephrologist at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and Professor Craig Peters, Chair of Pediatric Urology at the Dallas Children’s Hospital.

Pictures: SFU Dallas Panel (L to R M Braun, MK Farrugia, C Peters, R Ruano)

SFU President award (MK Farrugia with SFU secretary Hillary Cropp and president John Gatti)


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