Hypospadias is common, occurring in 1 in 350 male births. It is an abnormality of the penis whereby the urethral meatus (wee hole) does not open at the end of the penis on the glans, but at a different position on the undersurface of the penis. The commonest location is the corona (junction between glans and shaft) but the opening could also be located along the shaft or down in the scrotum. This condition is frequently associated with a bend (chordee) or twist (torque) of the penis, and an abnormal (described as “hooded”) foreskin. Referral to a paediatric urologist is indicated in order to discuss indication and timing of surgery. Hypospadias at the mild end of the spectrum will only require a day-case procedure under general anaesthetic. More severe degrees of hypospadias will require a repair in two stages 6 months apart. Surgery is usually recommended from 9 months of age.

Other abnormalities of the penis requiring referral include a bend, twist or hooded foreskin without a hypospadias, penoscrotal tethering (high-riding scrotum), or congenital megaprepuce (excessive layers of foreskin resulting in ballooning and urinary retention). Referral is recommended to discuss surgery if required.

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