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    Dr Farrugia, is simply amazing, words can’t explain all what she done for my son. She’s simply the best & we appreciate her so much

    I have no hesitation about recommending Miss Farrugia to anyone who is seeking diagnosis and treatment for their child. Dr Farrugia in our opinion is the most incredible and professional clinician we have ever encountered and thank goodness we did as we shall forever be in her debt as she saved our daughters life! The care that she has given has always been phenomenal, as a clinician she looks at the child as whole rather than just her speciality in order to consider the impact of what she does on other conditions they may also suffer from. As a parent I could not feel happier that Dr Farrugia always takes the time to answer all of my questions and fully explains things to us even using pictorial diagrams when needed to help us understand the complexity of something rather than just dismissing us. Dr Farrugia genuinely cares, I never felt like my daughter was just a number she was always treated as an individual from 1 years old and she always considered our feelings as parents aswell. My daughter is now five and Dr Farrugia has the most wonderful caring approach considering the PTSD my daughter suffers from aswell as the medical challenges. My five year old daughter will take the most awful medications and try to and participate in medical procedures and things that she wouldn’t normally do whenever she thinks it is for Dr Farrugia as she also knows at 5 years old she is someone very special. Dr Farrugia isn’t just a clinician she is an angel!
    She was very helpful and very polite

    Good rapport

    My daughter has been under the care of Ms Farrugia for nearly 8 years now. Although she is on autism spectrum and sometimes can be very challenging for her to be in the hospital, she is always happy to see Ms Farrugia. Ms Farrugia apart from being an expert in urology is also highly professional and very friendly doctor. She always clearly and concisely explains what is happening to my daughter and explains clearly the condition and possible treatments.

    She is fantastic. Great with my son and wants the best outcome for him. Very clear with information.

    We will be forever grateful for the care and treatment we received by Ms Farrugia when our then 3 week old baby had Urosepsis. Throughout our 3 years of dealings with Ms Farrugia, we have found her to be extremely professional and trustworthy in both her medical knowledge and judgement in the best interests of our child. We felt safe in her care at a very worrying time for us as family, and we have been grateful that Ms Farrugia has kept an eye on our daughter for the last 3 years which has been a relief and a comfort as we have always been able access her advice or help if we needed it . Also, the procedure Ms Farrugia carried out on our daughter at 5 months to date has been very successful and has lead to our daughter making excellent progress to the point where we are now discharged.

    Dr Farrugia has always gone above and beyond. The level of care and support has been excellent.

    I wanted to see this doctor as she is one of the few paediatricians specialised in urology. She was amazing. No faults.

    This doctor is really polite and caring and everyone else in hospital are really cooperative and helpful.

    She has provided very high quality surgery and care for my son.

    Dr Farrugia is an excellent professional. We have full trust in her with regards to our son’s care. She is always professional in all our interactions and extremely responsive in general and even more so on time sensitive issues. She is considerate, always leaves time for us to explain all relevant circumstances and guides us through her thinking so we can be reassured about the chosen treatment and plan for our son. She very efficiently liaises with other relevant professionals who are involved in our son’s care. We would be happy to provide more detailed feedback anytime and more than happy to recommend Dr Farrugia to anyone who needs pediatric urology care. (We have already recommended her to colleagues and friends.) We are grateful for all the help we have received from her.

    My child has had a series of consultation and procedures over 2 years and the treatment received was of very high quality.

    Knowledgeable, reliable and approachable

    The care that Ms Farrugia has provided for my daughter, and for my wife and I as parents, has been outstanding. We feel so privileged that our daughter is under her care and cannot give her enough positive feedback or praise. We are both au fait with the revalidation process and how on occasion it can feel somewhat like a box-ticking exercise. However, Ms Farrugia I sincerely hope that in your case that this serves as a wonderful reflection point and celebration of yourself and the exceptional care you deliver. You are an incredibly gifted and talented individual, and we are grateful for the hard work, dedication and sacrifices that you make for all your patients. Thank you.

    Ms Farrugia its the best doctor my daughter could have.

    We knew Ms Farrugia since my daughter was only few weeks old, she always was understanding and keen to help beyond her duty or work. My daughter always feel safe around her doctor and look forward to see her. She always try her best to explain my daughter condition and future treatments or procedures.

    We cannot praise Ms Marie-Klaire Farrugia enough. We have received endless support and kindness from her since we first met when our daughter was just born. My daughter was unwell in hospital earlier this year. Ms Farrugia was invaluable in helping us navigate the next steps in her care – being so open and accessible to my husband and I during a time which was very stressful and overwhelming. We feel so very fortunate to have her looking after our daughter, have huge confidence in her professional knowledge and ability but also find her to be extremely kind and with such a calm, reassuring manner. Thank you from us all.

    "I wanted to send a short email to say thank you so much for the last few years. You have minded F with what I can only describe as professional warmth, something that was not lost on N and I."
    MF (MF)
    "We are so grateful to you for everything you have done for all our children over the years."
    CMH (CMH)
    I just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the result of our little boy’s circumcision. It healed beautifully and quickly and we’ve had two other doctors comment on how exceptionally well it was done. We are both so happy and very grateful to you. You are, simply the best 😊
    AM ( AM)
    We cannot thank you enough for everything that you did for A when she was a baby, but also the follow up care you have given us. We have always felt so reassured knowing we could still reach out to you if we needed it, plus having an annual scan and review to keep an eye on things. We are happy to be discharged now though, and hopefully able to put that episode behind us.
    JG (JG)
    Thank you very much for your excellent care for my son J yesterday. The whole procedure went extremely smoothly and the entire team were wonderful. J is extremely relieved to have the whole process completed and although a little sore is in very good spirits!
    JD (JD)
    Thank you Ms Farrugia for D's surgery... You're an amazing, very kind Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and we cannot thank you enough. Over the years I've been to hospital many times, either for my mums many health related surgeries, to my dad's and its difficult to find people who are wonderful surgeons. You're one of them, thank you for everything.
    KS (KS)
    We just wanted to thank you for all you have done for our boy! Words cannot express how wonderful you, your team and of course Pluto are. J has not been sick or in pain since you performed your miracle. We think you are all fabulous at Chelsea & Westminster and wish you every happiness!
    I just wanted to say thank you so much. After seeing S last week we started the treatment you advised. I can only describe the effects as life changing for her. For the first time in her life she has been dry, every night!! Sophie has had 8 nights of uninterrupted sleep (previously up 2-3 times a night for the last 3 years). She is now feeling confident to accept sleep overs and is looking forward to a week away with school. THANK YOU. You have worked a miracle
    Marie-Klaire has given great advice about our daughter's non-funtioning kidney. She refrained from operating straight away and opted to monitor things over the longer term. Over time it looks like (so far) an operation is not necessary. It is refreshing that a surgeon doesn't just go ploughing in with the knife. She has been very courteuos and prefessional throughout in advice, information and guidance really helping put our minds at ease. keep up the great work.
    This doctor is an outstanding surgeon and I had total confidence in her ability to perform a major operation on my small child with the best possible outcome.
    Dr Farrugia has changed my sons life forever. i am so pleased that Hillingdon referred me to her as i was losing faith with the NHS as the problem had been ongoing for two years and restricted my son to enjoying life as a 6,7 and 8 year old boy. without Marie-Klaire and Pluto and the charity my son would not be enjoying normal life again. i can not thank her enough for her expertise and knowledge. she is truly amazing and as my son calls her 'Dr Awesome' she is a real credit to her profession and the hospital. i don't mind if she reads this report because she truly is wonder woman.
    I can not begin to describe how much confidence i have in miss farrugia, so knowledgeable, confident and generally excellent.
    She always inform us about any update and she make sure we understand the process our son is going through.
    This was a follow up appointment for my daughter. We were very happy with the discussion and managment plan. We were listened to and given re: management and made an informed decision. V Professional and caring approach.
    Both of my children were being treated by Dr Farrugia, she is professional, kind and a friend. Always think of patients first.
    Cannot praise Ms Farrugia more highly. She has looked after 2 of my sons and operated on both for pediatric urology issues. She cares deeply about her work, is responsive (often answering emails swiftly to arrange follow up appointments / answer questions I had) and has a good manner with children - she doesn't fuss over them but talks to them like little adults.
    She was very reassuring and helpful put my mind at ease fantastic doctor.
    Miss Farrugia, I can't compete with either Kate's words or the sentiment behind them but thank you. Thank you for responding so quickly when I contacted your office last June, thank you for allaying Kate and my fears about the procedure and the long term effects and thank you for handling the transition so sensitively but most of all thank you for your shoes - you instantly made a very scared little girl feel safe and secure.
    Dr. Farrugia,
    I wanted to say thank you as well. You have been amazing and it was so wonderful and comforting to know Ella was in safe hands with you. Thank you for your expertise and for your lovely bedside manner. You patiently answered all of our questions-even some of my ridiculous ones. I can't believe it was only last week she was in surgery. Other than some constipation that I'm getting sorted out with the GP, she is definitely on the mend and very active. We will never forget how fortunate we were that this all went so well. Hoping she doesn't require any more operations for a very long time.
    Thank you so much for all you did for Oliver. He is back to his old giggly , cooing self!
    Once again Monica and myself are eternally grateful for everything that you have done for Oliver (therefore us) you and your team are fantastic.
    I cannot rate Ms Farrugia highly enough. My 8-year-old daughter had been suffering on-going kidney problems, and Ms Farrugia instantly put a very frightened little girl at ease. Our daughter required an operation, and Ms Farrugia kept us informed, and Sarah calm. What's more, the operation was 100% successful, and our daughter is once again the happy, energetic child she was before the problems. She loves Ms Farrugia and speaks of her often. Ms Farrugia is simply brilliant; utterly professional, kind, and an expert in her field. If I was to hear of any other child suffering from urinary/kidney problems I would urge them to only see Ms Farrugia.
    Dr Farrugia had a good way of speaking to my son and making us both understand issue. She has also been great with follow up and responding to emails.
    Dr Farrugia is very professional and informative. She follows through and was very reassing. Thankyou
    “Mrs Farrugia is a fantastic doctor and I would highly recommend her”
    Bupa (Bupa)
    Thank you for giving us our little boy back. After his kidney operation he has been a healthy little boy and he is leading a normal life thanks to you. THANK you
    You have saved my life and I want you to know that I will always be grateful for that.
    We will be eternally grateful for all the incredible care you have given O. We feel so blessed to have met you with all your expertise, kindness and support. It was very difficult for us when O was first diagnosed, but your calm and understanding nature led us to instantly respect and trust your judgement. Best wishes, you are an incredible person.
    Baby O
    Just wanted to say another thank you for the amazing care that T has received from you and your team. We will never be able to express how thankful we are to you and the rest of the team.
    Baby T
    There are no words to describe how grateful we are for everything you have done for C this past year. We are in admiration of your skills as a surgeon and have been moved by the care and compassion you have shown for C during a very difficult time.
    Many thanks for your quick and speedy work to relieve my pain last weekend! It was great to be happily discharged the next day and I am now enjoying a restful recovery with mummy and daddy. I look forward to seeing you soon for my check-up!
    Baby C